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What is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural Education is one of the most unique programs available to students.  Although the topics are agriculture-related, the skills and knowledge learned are valuable to any student.  Whether you are college-bound or career-minded, Agricultural Education can give you the tools to be a step ahead of your classmates.

The FFA Mission

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership. personal growth and career success through agricultural education. 

Agricultural Education consists of three elements:

Organized instruction is classroom instruction.  Students are presented content and concepts that are carried out in a laboratory, shop, greenhouse, school farm, the extended classroom or on field trips.  Agricultural Education classrooms across Oklahoma are rapidly becoming technology and multi-media driven.  Today, students are presented information on both computer and multimedia equipment.  PowerPoint lessons, information via the Internet, and live demonstrations displayed in living color are prominent in Ag Ed classrooms.

Supervised agricultural experience (SAE) can be described as experiencing life applications.  As a part of the agricultural education program, students are encouraged to invest their time and sometimes money into a life application activity that aligns with their interests and career goals.  These activities are supervised by the agricultural education instructor.   SAEs could include leadership and public speaking, home and/or farmstead improvement projects, horticulture, gardening, livestock production, team competition, poultry production, specialty crop or animal, on-the-job training, agriscience research project, or a number of other interesting areas.  Students are encouraged to maintain their SAE while they are enrolled in agricultural education.  This will allow them to continually apply the information used in the classroom to improve their SAE.

FFA activities are the third leg of the agricultural education program.  Students enrolled in ag ed are expected to take part in the FFA activities.  Not becoming involved in some type of FFA activity would be like only adding part of the ingredients to make a cake.  FFA activities include community projects, school improvement projects, livestock show projects, competitive team events called career development events (CDEs), FFA chapter fun activities, leadership camps and conferences, and many more.

The close correlation between classroom instruction, supervised experiences and FFA activities makes agricultural education a unique opportunity for students.  You will have no other class like it.

Facts About Agricultural Education in Oklahoma

  • 356 programs, 435 instructors
  • 23,562 students enrolled
  • 55% of ag ed students graduating from high school go on to attend college
  • 96% of ag ed students completing the program go on to college, get a job, or enter the military
  • Oklahoma ag ed students receive more than $100,000 in college scholarships directly linked to their experience in ag ed.
  • Agricultural education is supported by some the largest businesses and industries in Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma businesses and industries actively seek and recruit agricultural education students for jobs.


This is the Garber FFA's calendar and event page. This page gives parents, students, and other individuals the opportunity to check the calendar for upcoming events from their computer or mobile phone. This page is updated by the Garber FFA Advisor, Ms. Graham.